Every campaign needs a solid strategy to win. We need information, we need ideas, we need demands, and we need to win. We've devised a fun, interactive strategy game, which will hopefully equip participants with enough concrete ideas to take back to their campuses and workplaces. We want to support existing struggles and prepare people for the struggles around the corner. But this is also be an exercise for the imagination: the future is full of uncertainties, and endless variables that we need to be prepared to tackle and use to our advantage.

// To play you will need:

  • MC (Master of Ceremonies): begins each turn by describing the situation within the university. They also judge what the negative or positive consequences will be for groups based on their dice roll each turn.

  • Scribe: takes notes on what happens over the course of the game so players and MCs have a record of how their universities develop and change. This can either be on a notepad or on big sheets of paper around the room (good if you have multiple groups)

  • Groups of 8-10 people

  • Our scribe and MC pack which can be found as a pdf here

  • Our player pack pdf here

  • Enjoy!