National Day of Action
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National Day of Action

Higher education is in a crisis. Over the past decade, the project of marketisation in our universities has expanded rapidly - fees have been tripled, devastating cuts have been implemented and rents have been hiked to disgusting levels.

In response to this, students have set up tenants' unions, occupied university buildings, disrupted open days, gone on rent strike and generally f u c k e d s h i t u p in protest of the exploitative and ridiculously high rents they have to pay whilst living in shit conditions.

Therefore, on 6th March 2019, we've called a national day of action against the student housing crisis, against the rent we have to pay, against the dire conditions we're forced to live in, against our universities who have exploited and attacked us.
We encourage students on every campus, whether you have an active housing activism group or not, to take action with us on this day, and show our universities we will not just sit back and take this.

We'll keep this description updated with campuses participating and contacts for those campuses for anyone wanting to get involved. If you're planning something, please send us a message so we can direct any relevant people your way!

Save the date. 06/02/2019.


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RENT STRIKE - Winter Meet-Up!
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RENT STRIKE - Winter Meet-Up!

national meet-up // skillshare // social

loads more cut the rent groups have been launched in the last year, and some are already winning - however the rent is still too damn high! let's come together and plan what's next for the rent strike movement:

- meet other campuses and make some friends
- skillshare of useful tactics and information
- get advice and resources
- build a stronger national network
- plotting in the pub after

whether you're part of a student housing activist group, thinking of starting one up or just interested in the movement, feel free to come along!

Hosted at Open House Oxford.

Facebook event here.

Sign up here.

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